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Black Dog on a Lead is a charity that encourages people to talk openly about mental illness. We believe that open communication is key for eliminating any stigma or taboo associated with mental health. The question is: why should society treat mental illness differently to any other illness?

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Our Story

Black Dog on a Lead was started in December of 2014. It began when Massimo Iustini approached his best mate Alessandro Alberti with the idea of sharing his story and experience with mental health on a broader scale in the hope of helping others. Ale` was immediately on board, having experienced the effects of mental illness himself and within his immediately family. With the amazing support of Mass and Ale’s friends and family, ‘Black Dog on a Lead’ was born!

As a group, we felt that by joining forces with other organisations we could create great change. We came up with the idea of a walk where we would invite a number of different mental health related organisations to attend and create a safe space within which people could share their experience with mental illness on a broader community level. Eventually, this culminated in the annual Black Dog on a Lead Walk around Bibra Lake. To date we have had a total of 2000 people attend our walks and have raised over $50,000 for mental health! Thank you to all that have supported us so far!

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